"Biggleswade creates a complex character..."

About the Author

In 1996 Jerome Biggleswade had an epiphany: he realised his childhood in Malaysia had been his most interesting years. Determined to re-inject a sense of adventure into his life, he returned to the northern Malaysian mountains where he used to hike as a teenager. Adapt in the local dialects, Jerome mined the local population for folk tales and myths.

Soon Jerome’s head was filled with a kaleidoscope of colours from what he heard. Magicians, soothsayers, ancient legends of thousand-year-old wise men and spells to raise the dead, all had their place in Malaysian tribal superstitions.

Jerome is now based in London but returns to the Far East every few years to ‘keep his mind simmering in wonder’ as he puts it. As a result, his literary output is storytelling of highest caliber steeped in tales from another world. The Mysterious Secret of the Caves of Cinlatta is his latest title. 

But he warns that the basis of the story is anything but myth.