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One by one they vanish...

Since the dawn of time, a secret has been lurking in the catacombs under the forested mountains of Cinlatta. It has been years since anyone dared descend the tunnels that wind uncountable miles into the depths. Local legends of ghouls and gruesome deaths kept others from trying, and those that did never returned to tell their story.

Now a team of geologists is set to explore the earth below Cinlatta in the hope of finding rare earth minerals and gems in the volcanic terrain. But as they gather for the descent, one by one the scientists vanish at night.

Harry Skipjack, head of the exploration team, calls in a team of heavily armed mercenaries and prepares to enter the largest tunnel when a primordial scream is heard from deep within.

What are they about to face?

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Laura StonemanOxford Book Review
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‘Vivid in imagery and never resting to take a breath, this is a great example of a ‘can’t put down book’ that grips to the final page.’
Rolf WeinsteinHollywood Herald
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‘Biggleswade creates a complex character in Harry Skipjack: a hero, antihero, an inspiration and yet far from the perfect team leader who fights his own demons as the team climbs into the Cinlatta caves.

A reminder that a take of mystery need not sacrifice character development. ’
Peter BloombergThe New York Entertainer
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‘This should be a movie. I can’t wait to see this told on a screen. Meanwhile I will immerse myself into Biggleswade’s earlier novels hoping that when I finish a new scintillating book is out.’