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I am Sara and I was born in what my parents would have named ‘Indo-China’, surrounded by exotic spices, smells and colours and people who could not help but smile every day, no matter what life threw at them. The blood of the hilltribes and colonialists runs through my veins; a mulatto with a mind of no one affiliation.

I am one of three siblings with two older brothers who remained in Saigon, now No Chi Minh City, after my parents emigrated to America to further my education and provide more opportunities in life. You see, I was a child prodigy; a concern pianist at age 12, although pianos were few and far between in Vietnam. But my mother was educated in Paris and she never forgot her classical education and the music that flooded the narrow backstreets of Montmartre.

My mother died three years ago, and my father can no longer able to work after an industrial accident. He sits staring out of the window of our small apartment in Hoboken, New York, recalling a former life a world away. To hide my grief and pain, I throw myself back onto the piano keys from early morning. And then I pick up a pen

Creating new family bonds and virtual friends, and then becoming a mental traveller, saved me from my own despair, and it now allows me to channel my imagination and emotions positively, cathartically and romantically… into my books. My new character Sammy Rafaella has some of my own DNA in her journey: a bold, dangerous, love-bound odyssey that ends up with a life or death decision.

I am Sara Ventura; welcome to my world.

“I couldn’t put it down. I was immediately immersed into Sammy’s world and each page seemed to lead me down another alleyway of intrigue.”
Roderick St Clare
“I just loved it. From start to end it had me absolutely enthralled. A new twist on every page.”
Trisha Edmonds

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