The Calling Ocean

by sara ventura

Frightened, desperate and with just enough water to last the next day Sammy made a life changing decision…

For two full days

Frightened, desperate and with just enough water to last the next day Sammy made a life-or-death decision…

The tropical storm had lashed the catamaran for two full days and nights; Sammy doubted she had slept at all since the top section of the mast came crashing down on Lucas, who was attempted to reef in the main. He was still laying in the cabin comatose, his breathing shallow, a green-blue bruising spreading across his chest.

Without the sail and rigging, the boat had wallowed sickeningly in the lumpy sea, drifting at the mercy of the current. Lightening had crackled overhead all night while torrential rain lashed the deck strewn with ropes and shackles and a loose boom that swung malevolently from side to side. Helpless, The Albatross, their home for what was supposed to be an idyllic month of cruising through South Pacific atolls, was a wounded, wingless bird lying the open ocean.

Sara Ventura delves into those dark places where we all fear to tread revealing deep hidden secrets about our real personalities. Absolutely captivating from start to finish – The Calling Ocean is an absolute triumph

Her relief was strangled with fear

When the storm finally passed, a relentless sun beat down and the horizon became invisible in the rising heat haze. But the water maker was dead, as were all the electrics on board and the generator was flooded. On the third sun-baked, lip-cracking day, Sammy was looking at a wall of whitecaps which could only signify a reef, and beyond it there gradually emerged the tops of palms and the silhouette of land. But her relief was strangled by fear.

The current was dragging the catamaran preciously close to the boiling waves crashing over the atoll just feet below. With part of the mainsail jury rigged to the stump of the mast, Sammy had managed to keep the boat away from the spraying surf while Lucas lay below, deathly silent and oblivious to the fight. But she was exhausted, frightened and desperate. With just enough water to last the next day, Sammy had to make a life-or-death decision…

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